Police search Lexington neighborhood, no reason given yet

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Little is being said right now by police, but we do know they were out in force a little before noon conducting some sort of operation in an ongoing investigation.
A police helicopter hovered low, and Fayette County Sheriff's deputies and Lexington Police officers sectioned off about a three block area of Lexington's East End neighborhood.

Up and down Chestnut Street, Hawkins Avenue, and several other streets inside the perimeter, it appeared detectives were going door-to-door asking the residents questions.

It appeared that officers were looking for someone or possibly a group of people.
All Lexington police will tell us at this time is this is part of an ongoing investigation and they'll release more details to us on Monday.

Even with all the questions left unanswered, the curiosity of the people living inside the search perimeter was evident.

Bertha Adams said she couldn't say exactly what police were doing, but said whatever it is, she hopes it helps the ongoing problem with drugs and violence in her neighborhood.

"All I want to do is live what life I have left, in peace. And see babies like these grow up, and be happy. And everybody else get along, and all this killing all this drugs, and everything else, it doesn't have to happen," said Adams.

Again, the operation only lasted a little more than an hour.
Police officers told WKYT that shortly after the operation began the word got out on social media, and that can hinder the effectiveness of an operation like this one.

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