Police search for couple accused of assaulting cab driver

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Police are searching for a man and woman after they say the couple assaulted and robbed a cab driver, all while the driver was on the phone with police, trying to get help.

Police say it happened in the early morning hours of October 6th. Surveillance video from the Shell Gas Station at Nicholasville and Man O War, shows the place where the couple was picked up. The man and woman then told the driver to take them to the Walgreens parking lot on Richmond Road at St. Anne.

"On the trip there the driver got suspicious because the two people in the cab started negotiating the price, saying they didn't have much money," explains Detective Robert Sarrantonio, with Lexington Police. "This got the cab driver uneasy, thinking these people were going to run out of the cab without paying him."

That's when police say the driver called 911. But neither he, nor the dispatcher, were prepared for what happened next.

"At that time, the Female started assaulting him," says Detective Sarrantonio, "the Male stepped into the passenger side of the car and assaulted him and took the cash."

Police say the two fled from the Walgreens and were last seen headed down Idle Hour Drive. Police say they believe the couple lives nearby.

"They didn't want the driver to take them to their residence because at that time, they probably knew they were going to rob him," explains Detective Sarrantonio.

If you have information in this case, call Bluegrass Crime Stoppers (859) 253-2020.

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