Police search for driver involved in fatal hit-and-run accident

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Police are still searching for an SUV that took off after crashing into a motorcyclist leaving the driver dead.

Lexington Police say a motorcycle and car crashed into each other after midnight Friday night near Masterson Station.

An oncoming SUV then hit the motorcycle.

“I hear a sound like a big explosion or a bang. I immediately knew what was going on because like six or seven months ago there was another head-on collision,” said Emmanuel Smith, who lives just a few yards from where the wreck happened.

This time, the collision on Leestown Road involved a car and motorcycle. Then, seconds later, the motorcyclist was hit again by an oncoming SUV.

“The first thing I saw was a motorcycle laying on the ground and then I looked to my left and about 10 feet away or less was a woman face down,” Smith told WKYT.

Police say the woman was 39-year-old Mary Reynolds-Drury of Lexington. She died a short time later from blunt force injuries.

Smith says when he ran to the scene it was pitch black outside. He says since they've started construction on Leestown Road, there haven’t been any street lights along it. Smith believes that this could've been a contributing factor in Friday’s crash.

“You can’t see anything. That main light that shines in that intersection was off.”

Smith says the darkness also made it difficult for anyone to see the driver of the SUV, who took off after the crash.

Thankfully though, police were able to recover remnants of the vehicle.

“If you see anyone out there missing a bumper or a side bender then call police because that’s not right.”

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