Surveillance video shows car smash into Lexington business

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A loud crash in the middle of the night leads neighbors to believe a car crashed into a Lexington convenience store by accident, but surveillance video shows a much different story.

Just before 3:00 Thursday morning, surveillance video at the H&M Market on North Limestone shows a white car pull into the parking lot. The passenger in the car gets out, while the driver backs up toward the store and pops the trunk.

In the video, the man who’s standing outside ties a strap from the car onto the door handle. That’s when the driver hits the gas in hopes of taking the door with him. When that didn't go as planned, the driver puts the car in reverse and slams into the store.

The two burglars first ran to the ATM, but when they had no luck there, they ran behind the counter, took two cash drawers from the registers and ran out.

Lexington police are now searching for the white passenger car seen in the surveillance video. The owner of the store tells WKYT it’s an older model Toyota Avalon with tinted windows.

The thieves were in and out of the store within a matter of seconds, but Thursday morning, the damage left behind took more than a few minutes to clean up. While the burglars did get away with some cash, the evidence they left behind was plenty.

The store owner tells us after eight years of business, this is the first time his store has been broken into. The owner says someone tried to break into his store last year, but was unsuccessful.

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