Police search for missing couple

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OIL SPRINGS, ky - A team of rescue and cadaver dogs searched the property of missing couple Larry and Sandra Blanton.

As the sun rose on the Blanton farm a little light was shed on the disappearance of owners Larry and Sandra Blanton.

Both were last seen more than 3 weeks ago.

“Not even a phone call they've not used their checking account they've not used their stamp card so there's not a trace of them anywhere,” said Johnson County Sheriff Dwayne Price.

Yet, dogs from the Blood Hound Search and Rescue team say otherwise.

They searched all morning and the girlfriend of their son, a person of interest in the case, said they're happy to have them there.

“That way it gets anybody that has any doubt in their mind that will would ever harm his parents get that out of the way you know,” said Amanda Fannin.

The dogs searched all 40 acres of the Blanton property and tracked down two specific scents, one of them being located in their own barn.

Nothing else was found on the property but officials say it was still a successful search.

“It's important to know where they're not at as to know where they are so we can eliminate an area and not have to come back and search again,” said Jerry Rains with Emergency Management.

It was a search that was never a concern for some, but still leaves their son Will and officials in the dark one more day.

“There's not going to be nothing found here. They're not here. No, Will would never hurt his parents,” said Fannin.

Officials say the investigation will continue with a polygraph test for their son William Blanton and his girlfriend.

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