Police search for three suspects after shooting at Lexington business

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The Pantry Fresh Market on Squires Road is not just a gas station or convenience store. It's a place where customers feel at home.

"These are the nicest people you'll ever meet. It's a family of four who work here from sunrise to sundown," says Mike Clem, a regular customer.

During last night's shift around 9, it was just the father and son at work. Lexington police say three men barged into their store with guns drawn.

Police say the clerks threw some items off the counter at the gunmen, hoping they would leave the store. But, that's when they say the 18-year-old son was shot in the stomach. The suspects left the store.

Lexington police are looking into the possibility of these suspects being connected to other recent robberies in Lexington and maybe even others around central Kentucky.

"This guy would give you his last dollar. These are peaceful people. Very peaceful people and they don't deserve what just happened to them," adds Clem.

"It's sad. This week is supposed to be family gathering,Thanksgiving. It's something real terrible and traumatic to go through right now," says Aamir Saadiq, who works a few doors down at Mecca Hair Designs.

Those who know the family who work and own the Pantry Fresh Market are hoping that the 18-year-old recovers. They also hope police find the shooters before they have the chance again.

Lexington Police tell WKYT that they expect the victim to recover from the injuries he sustained in the shooting.

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