Police searching for man wanted for "terrorizing and stalking" woman

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - We're tracking the search for a Lexington man police say has been stalking a woman for years.

A Pike County grand jury indicted Harry Martin Chapman on stalking charges. He's even served time in prison for stalking the victim, but after being released police say he went right back to doing it.

Police are calling him very dangerous, saying he's stalked and terrorized one Pike County woman for years.

"Even though he's been convicted two different times of stalking her even though he's been to prison over it he just will not leave her alone," explained Pike County Commonwealth's Attorney Rick Bartley. Bartley has authorities frantically searching for Harry Martin Chapman. His most recent address was a Lexington one.

"One time recently she actually had the state police there at her home when he called and said he was on the Mountain Parkway on his way to Pike County to kill her and luckily he turned around once she told him the police were there but he said he would come back."

Chapman got out of prison early, and now authorities don't know if he's in Pike County or back in Lexington.

"We have no idea where he is, he is not under parole supervision not under probation so he could be outside at this time or close to this woman's house so it's a very scary situation," said Bartley.

Domestic violence victim advocates tell WKYT stalking is hard to prosecute, but repeat behaviors that threaten someone's privacy can lead to far more violent acts.

"When we go back and we interview who've experienced domestic violence, or sadly if we go back and do lethality reviews where we're looking at homicide cases we tend to always see stalking as one of the components," explained Diane Fleet with the Bluegrass Domestic Violence Program.

If found and convicted, Chapman could spend up to 20 years in prison.

To learn more about stalking victims and see what advocates in Central Kentucky are working on, visit OutrageUs.org.

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