Police searching for man who tried prostituting children

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT)-Lexington Police are still looking for a man and woman, last seen pulling away in a dark blue minivan from the Four Points Sheraton in Lexington.

Officers say around 8 Sunday morning, a guest was reading the newspaper in the lobby when the driver of the van walked in and asked him for money.

"He initially gave him a story about a broken fan belt," explained Lt. Chris Vanbrackel of the Lexington Police Department.

The man with the alleged belt problem told the guest his wife and kids had spent the night in the van in the parking lot. Police say he began offering to sell his jacket and watch for cash so he could buy new car parts.

"The person said 'No, I don't need those things,' then the person came up with a new story. And said, 'Well, I got a couple of kids in the van, would you pay me to have sex with them?'"

The guest immediately told staffers to call police and the man took off in his van, which didn't appear to need new belts at all.

Now police need help finding that man and woman he had riding in the front seat.

Lexington Police are still investigating this incident and looking for leads. Hotel staff on Sundays tell investigators they do not have access to the surveillance system, so they'll have to wait for management on Monday.

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