Police searching for missing Madison County teenager

MADISON COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - WKYT is continuing to track the search for a missing Madison County teenager who hasn't been seen in more than two days. State Police are asking for your help finding 18-year-old Brookelyn Farthing. They say she disappeared after a fire at the home in Berea where she had been staying.

Brookelyn Farthing's family says she makes a big impression.

"She's all girl, but she's a tomboy at the same time," said her stepfather, Randal Walker.

"Little ball of energy," her mother, Shelby Walker said.

"This family needs her. This family's not whole without her," said Randal Walker.

The 18-year-old's been missing ever since Saturday morning. Police say she was at the home in Berea with another man. They say he told them he left for a bit, then came back and found the fire burning, Farthing gone, but several personal items left behind.

Randal Walker said, "To see her luggage left there. That's not right. She wouldn't leave that behind, at least not intentionally."

Since then, the family's made fliers to pass out, and word has traveled fast.

"They would say I know that. I've seen that on Facebook, I've heard her on Twitter. Our prayers are with you, it was coming from everywhere," said Randal Walker.

Police say the fire is suspicious because there was no electricity in the house. They say it's unclear whether Farthing left on her own or was taken, but either way, her absence is taking a huge toll on her family.

Shelby Walker said, "It's driving us crazy because we just want her home. We don't care what the circumstance is or what's happened or who's involved. We just want Brooke, nothing else."

"If someone's got her, it's not just us you're going to have to pay, it's God that's going to deal with you," said Randal Walker.

Police say at this point there's no evidence linking her disappearance to the fire.

Anyone with information on her whereabouts is requested to contact KSP at (859) 623-2404 or toll free at (800) 222-5555.

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