Police seize counterfeit goods at Court Days

MOUNT STERLING, Ky. (WKYT) - Police say it's a case of appearances being deceiving. Mount Sterling police tell us they confiscated hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of counterfeit items during Court Days in Mount Sterling.

When the four day festival came to an end most of the vendors took what was left of their goods and cleared out.

But some wares stayed behind, as evidence in a criminal case.

"These specific jackets and clothing, they retail for $165 and they were selling them for $35-$40," said Sgt. Jimmy Daniels, a detective with Mount Sterling Police.

There was a reason for that generous discount, Daniels says those jackets were knockoffs. After last year's Court Days a representative from The North Face company contacted Mount Sterling police and told them counterfeit jackets had been purchased at the festival.

The company sent information and began conference calls training officers to spot counterfeits. They expected similar items to be sold this year.

"We spent one day doing surveillance and our detectives were able to spot that counterfeit property," said Daniels.

Detectives purchased that clothing from two different vendors.

"Once we actually got it, it was really easy to tell that in fact it was counterfeit," said Daniels.

Despite the logos and tags the sellers now face charges of counterfeiting intellectual property, class D felonies. Police say Yunlong Zhou and Xiumin Zheng from New York were operating one booth. Chen Xiaofei from Chicago and He Xian Rong of Bellevue Washington were at another.

Daniels says the suspects were taken by surprise, but so were many of their customers.

"Some people were shocked, they thought they were getting a god deal," said Daniels.

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