Police serve warrant, make arrest in neighborhood

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A Lexington neighborhood received quite a scare Wednesday night.

People watched as more than a dozen officers swarmed a home and arrested a man Wednesday evening. Police say they were carrying out a narcotics search warrant along Will Fant Drive in the Idle Hour neighborhood. WKYT cameras were rolling as neighbors watched a man leave in the back seat of a police cruiser.

Neighbors told us it only took a few seconds for officers to pull up to a home, jump out of their cruisers, and put handcuffs on the man living there.

"We was playing out here in the yard, me and my daughter was with the neighbor's son and the police just rolled up. There was about seven cars and probably 15 different cops with assault rifles and guns drawn and they ran to the neighbor and told him to get down on the ground with their guns drawn on him," explained neighbor Anthony Smith.

Smith watched as officers arrested a man, went inside his home, and starting taking out boxes of evidence.

"Busted in the door and took out evidence and all kinds of stuff. I don't know what it was about. They brought out two big brown bags and then another big purple tote full of stuff."

It isn't a scene the father is used to seeing in his neighborhood, and while police wouldn't tell him why they were making an arrest, he's still spooked.

"Pretty scary. You never know what could happen because of that."

Lexington police have not yet released the name of the man they arrested.

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