Police suspect two in string of catalytic converter thefts

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WINCHESTER, Ky. (WKYT) - Police suspect two men are behind a string of thefts that have left some businesses with an expensive repair bill.

Winchester police say last night the men stole catalytic converters from vans parked outside a moving company on Fortune Drive.

This comes after some similar thefts at businesses nearby.

"It's just terribly expensive on a business trying to survive," said Russ Coleman, the operations manager at Saunier Moving and Storage in Winchester.

For Saunier Moving and Storage in Winchester, their vans are their business.

"You work hard. We try to provide a place for people to work and live and provide for their families. To have somebody to come in and steal from us is devastating," said Coleman.

Luckily it was all caught on tape and that surveillance video shows a white mini van pulling into the parking lot beside one of the moving vans. Then two men get out and proceed to steal five catalytic converters from underneath the company's vehicles.

"I think somebody is going to recognize the van, and somebody is going to recognize the individuals," said Coleman.

The operations manager tells us it will cost the business thousands to replace them and will give the thieves only a few hundred dollars.

"It's hard to come up with 4,000 dollars. You've got to have a lot of moves to generate 4,000 dollars worth of extra money," said Coleman.

As far as catching the two men, the operations manager says they got lucky that no drivers were coming in or going out like they do every day at any time.

"I want them to pay restitution to the company for our loss, and I want them to go to jail where they belong," said Coleman.

Police tell us these two men are also suspected of stealing eight other catalytic converters at Winchester Rent-A-Center, Rosemary Brooks Retirement Home, and Calvary Christian Church.

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