Deputies searching for 3 men involved in violent home invasion

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JESSAMINE COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Three-year-old Elizabeth Henson's playground is the pavement on Flagship Drive in Jessamine County.

But after there was a violent home invasion a few doors down Wednesday night, her mother is worried about her safety.

"It's heartbreaking, nerve-wracking with all these kids outside and something that would happen to where these kids are because all the kids play up and down the street in the neighborhood," said Hillary Henson.

Henson says she's on edge after five men, armed with handguns, broke into a home and attacked the man inside.

Neighbors say the man just moved into the home two days ago.

Deputies say they haven't found the man who lived in the home but they did find his blood so they believe he was beaten or shot.

"I heard the gun shot, I heard it twice then all at once the cops came running in," said Janice Pizzini.

Three minutes later, deputies pulled over one of the getaway cars on Nicholasville Road.

They arrested James Burus Jr., 44, of Richmond and Shad Wilson, 38, of Lexington. They're charged with first-degree burglary.

Deputies say they're still looking for three other men who took off in a different car.

Henson says because they don't know why their neighbor was attacked, the home invasion has stolen their sense of security.

"I have to sit outside with the kids and watch them real carefully," she said.

WKYT’s Mark Barber asked Pizzini, "You don't feel safe anymore?” “No, I don't, I honestly don't,” Pizzini said.

Investigators say if they find the victim, they will upgrade the suspects' charges to include assault.

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