Police uncover string of crimes in Whitley County

WHITLEY COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) -- It started as a simple safety check by three different agencies in Whitley County, but it quickly turned into something more, and led to multiple arrests. Police say they ended up finding stolen vehicles and even some drugs. They credit teamwork for making this all happen.

"It started out with the intent to just conduct some safety checkpoints in the area and make a presence of law enforcement, which ended up 15 to 20 minutes later into a short pursuit of a stolen vehicle," said Chief Wayne Bird, Williamsburg Police.

A detective with the Williamsburg Police Department recognized the truck matched a description of one stolen in Lexington. The chase ended when police say Shawn Dople surrendered, but where it ended lead investigators to something else.

"We ended up with a one-step meth cook just down the road," said Bird.

There, a sheriff's deputy and police officer say Andrew Mason tossed a one-step meth cook into the pile of leaves. After more help arrived, they found more items used to cook meth.

"The people wanted us to be there, they had requested us to come and we did respond," said Sheriff Colan Harrell, Whitley County.

"After dealing with that, we were back down the road recovering a stolen ATV," said Bird.

That lead to the arrest of John Chatham.

"And we were up on the hill, in very close proximity, and we recovered another stolen ATV," said Bird.

That made it three arrests in a matter of hours.

"We've had a good day, we've had a real good day," said Harrell.

Yet in his 11 years of law enforcement, Kentucky State Police Trooper Les Moses admits this was some quick work.

"This many arrests of separate offenders, it's pretty quick and a pretty big deal," said Moses.

"Even though we all work for different agencies, we are all doing the same thing for the same common goal and that's to put the bad guys in jail," said Bird.

Investigators say that they're still searching for the suspect connected to the second stolen ATV, but they do believe there could be some relation to Chatham.

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