Police urge restraint when trying to spot bear

MADISON COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Richmond Police say some people have been going a little too far trying to catch a glimpse of a bear that's been wandering through town.

"We've got reports of people jumping fences and trying to chase it down. Obviously were not supposed to be trespassing," said Assistant Chief Bob Mott. He says people have been calling 911 to report seeing the bear, tying up lines meant for emergencies.

"We're getting way too many calls on it. The bear's not really bothering anybody and were asking people use a little common sense when dealing with him," Mott said.

Further south in Madison County, several people reported seeing a bear Thursday. There were several reported sightings near Legacy Drive in Berea.

"I just walked out of my neighbors house, slammed the door and walked past a bear," said Becky Rehg. She spent the afternoon watching the treeline she said the bear walked toward hoping to catch another glimpse.

Berea Police say the bear was last spotted heading south near exit 76.