Police reopen roads, standoff comes to an end

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Police say what was initially a domestic disturbance call ended up with an Emergency Response Unit looking for a man who they thought had barricaded himself inside a home. They say when they got there, they were able to remove a woman and some children from the home, but they say the man went to a bedroom where they believed there was a gun.

"The officers made the decision to go ahead and grab the family and escape out of the house and set up a perimeter outside," said Lt. Chris Van Brackel of the Lexington Police.

ERU officers got to the home shortly after that and sent in a robot with a cell phone in an attempt to speak with the man. Hours later, officers discovered the man, who they identified as Delon Eugene Oliver, had apparently slipped out of the house.

"It appears that before we were able to get the perimeter all the way up, Mr. Oliver was able to slip out through the back door," said Van Brackel.

Police said Oliver has outstanding warrants in Jessamine County for burglary and assault.

Police didn't evacuate people during the incident, but they did keep anyone who was outside their perimeter from going back to their homes for several hours.

"We had parents that were outside the perimeter that we were obviously not going to be able to allow in and they had left kids at the house so they were making contact with the kids. In a couple of cases, we sent officers to the houses to make sure the kids were OK," said Van Brackel.

Police said they found a gun outside the house and aren't sure if Oliver is armed.

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