Police warn about crime trend known as 'sliding'

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CORBIN, Ky. (WKYT) - One, the thief slides up to the car.
Two, the thief opens the door when the driver isn't looking.
Three, the thief grabs the valuables inside.
Four, the thief disappears.

The crime trend is known as "sliding," because the thief slides into the car.. And it happens that quick.

"People need to realize that this is happening," stated Major Rob Jones of the Corbin Police Department. There, investigators have worked three or four reports in roughly three or four months.

"We think more are happening because women are saying I just went to Walmart and my purse is missing. We think that's what's happening," continued Major Jones.

The word is spreading. Mary Cumpston took notice and began changing her habits.

"I've seen it on Facebook where people were getting their purses stolen out of the passenger side. Ever since I saw that I've been carrying my purse with me."

The trend is even spreading nationwide, as video from several Houston, Texas surveillance cameras caught thieves in the act.

"It really makes you think," said Major Jones.

"It is hard to imagine but it's been increasing lately, so we just have to be careful all the time," added Cumpston.

Since it only takes a few seconds, Major Jones recommends everyone lock their car, no matter how long you plan to be gone for.

"They can be in the car, back in their car, and on the interstate from our major gas areas in less than three to five minutes. So they're already gone."

So far, Corbin police haven't been able to make any arrests, and with the Interstate and other major highways crossing Corbin, Major Jones says it makes this case even more challenging.

So for now, it's up to the drivers to protect themselves from the next "slider."

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