Police looking for man passing counterfeit cash

It looks like a legitimate $100 bill, but a closer look reveals a fake.

“You need to look at the texture, the feel, it is marking good with the ink pen but on the back you can tell the color is off,” said Major Rob Jones with the Corbin Police Department.

Police also point out on the fake bill that Ben Franklin’s eyes are off, in such a way that he looks “cross eyed” but the bogus bills have fooled clerks all over the city of Corbin.

“Our Kroger store was hit 3 times, our movie once, local pharmacies hit about 3 times,” said Major Jones.

Each time the man buys something and pays for it with the single bill.

“He’s getting back about $80 in change with every transaction.”

The suspect was seen driving a blue or dark colored Dodge Durango with Florida plates. They don’t know if he was local or driving a rental vehicle, but police say he was also spotted in the Barbourville area.

Sometimes the man has been seen strolling through other businesses but something spooked him into buying stuff. Police say businesses shouldn’t feel bad about not accepting big bills if they suspect something suspicious.

“If you have a problem, or think the bill is not real, contact your police, we are trained on it, we’ll bring our book and check the bill for you,” said Jones.

Jones says that’s because businesses that do accept the bills often never recoup their losses unless the suspect is caught and pays restitution.

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