Poll: Ky. rates high for weirdest accent, most underrated states

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Calling it a hilarious and informative look at dynamics between states, a poll finds Americans think Kentuckians are among those with the weirdest accents and live in one of the most underrated states.

SurveyMonkey did the survey for Business Insider by asking 1,603 people to answer questions about other states.

While Kentucky ranked among the most underrated states and most beautiful scenery, the Bluegrass state received high scores in several unflattering categories: worst food, craziest, ugliest residents, drunkest and dumbest.

While the accent of a Kentuckian stood out to other Americans, the poll found Massachusetts residents have the weirdest accents. Trailing behind were Louisiana, Alabama, Minnesota, New York and New Jersey.

New York ranked as having the best food food while Alaska came in last.

In the ugliest resident category, Alabama rated as the absolute worst. Kentucky trailed just behind Alabama, West Virginia, Mississippi and Arkansas.

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