Postal workers braving cold conditions to deliver

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - There's another group of people who can't avoid the cold. Postal workers are delivering the mail as usual Monday afternoon. For many of them, that means walking for blocks in this freezing weather.

Those men and women are taking extra precautions, and layering up to make sure they stay warm while working. A WKYT crew walked a few blocks with carrier Jim Rice in Lexington. He's been delivering mail for the United States Postal Service for the last 14 years, and in that decade and a half, this is the coldest he's ever seen it. He says it's important for anyone going outside to wear layers so you can adjust to the changing temps. He also recommends keeping a close eye on the sidewalks.

"In the driveways and sometimes on the steps, a lot of people haven't had an opportunity to get out. Ice is really the thing that you worry about the most," notes Rice.

He says all mail carriers met for a safety meeting before their routes Monday morning. Managers wanted to make sure the men and women were safe while delivering in the cold conditions.