Pot hole on busy Lexington street turns costly for drivers

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - It was a frustrating and costly morning for drivers in Lexington who say a pot hole busted their tires.

The pot hole was on Leestown Road, between Yarnallton Pike and Dalton Lane. Highway Department officials say they received a handful of calls this morning from drivers about the issue. "Road crews went out to the site immediately and fixed the pot hole," explains Natasha Lacy, Public Relations for the Highway Department. "Because the asphalt plants are closed in the winter time, we use a cold mix to temporarily fix the hole. However, we will be going back to do a permanent fill to make sure it's properly fixed."

With the heavy rain and cold temperatures, highway department officials say they see an increase in pot holes during the winter time. "We always are concerned about not only car damage but safety for drivers too," explains Lacy. "Crews responded immediately during the rush hour traffic to make sure no more cars were damaged and no one got hurt."

Drivers can go through the Board of Claims if they've received any damage to their car because of a pot hole.Their number is 502-573-7986

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