Powell Co. detectives investigate string of burglaries

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STANTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Powell County investigators say there have been three daytime residential burglaries in the last 10 days. The thieves find empty homes, kick-in the back door, and take jewelry.

In the county, there are wide open spaces and the homes are spread out. The Sheriff's Office believes that's why the homes are targets.

Chief Deputy Robert Mathews says somebody is looking for the best situation for a burglary during the day. He says they'll knock first and if there's no answer, they'll force their way in.

Mathews believes the thieves are melting down the metal, to avoid tracing the stolen goods back to them when they are sold. He says drugs are likely the reason for these crimes.

"They are stealing the things, breaking into homes, to sell the stuff, to buy drugs," said Mathews.

A neighbor saw a vehicle that could be involved in these crimes. It's a red Chevrolet Cavalier. There's no description of the driver, but it's believed the same person or people are responsible for the all of the burglaries.

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