Power crews plan for severe weather threat

WINCHESTER, Ky. (WKYT) - Later today and well into the night, personnel will be monitoring any and all activity, including weather radar, outages, and their crews locations from the dispatch center inside Clark Energy.

Clark Energy leaders say the severe winter weather has prepared their crews for what's to come, but add that each and every situation is different.

So to be better prepared for situations like the one they could be facing late tonight, Clark Energy has done things like pair experienced crew members with newer ones, and put all necessary personnel on alert to be ready to come in if needed.

"Our folks will be aware that they may get a phone call this evening. Our mechanics are making sure that all of our trucks are rolling, and we'll make sure that everything's fueled up. And our warehouse, we'll make sure we've got equipment in place," said Paul Embs, President and CEO of Clark Energy.

Clark Energy's dispatch system does note higher priority customers, such as people with health issues that have health support systems that require electricity.

Clark Energy will be monitoring about 3000 miles of power lines. That's the equivalent of driving from Lexington to far west Texas, and back.

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