Power outage reported in Jessamine County

JESSAMINE COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Hundreds of people were without power in Jessamine County due to a power outage.

The outage was first reported to Kentucky Utilities around 4:30 Monday morning. Crews were dispatched to an area, near Brannon Crossing, where they began repairs on a pole.

Homes, and some businesses were affected.
Patrons and employees of the Double Kwik at the intersection of Catnip Hill and Highway 27 visited by candlelight while waiting on the power to be restored.

"We usually have breakfast cooked and ready. And we constantly have people coming in and out wanting breakfast. Now it's just sitting back there cold," said Double Kwik employee Stacey Evans.

Folks living in surrounding neighborhoods had to find ways to keep warm, while trying to get through their morning routine.
Some took opportunities to look after each other, given the harsh, lower than usual temperatures.

"My neighbor right across the street, he started his generator early this morning, probably about five o' clock.
So he's ok, I went and checked on him, he's fine," said Mark Fritz, who lost power to his Carolyn Lane home.

In addition to neighbors looking after one another, we did see a few law enforcement officials driving around the neighborhoods affected by the power outage.

The outage affected 1,163 customers at one point. According to KU's website, the number of outages was down to 143 around 9:30 a.m.

Blue Grass Energy also dealt with a power outage in Nicholasville. Power was restored for those customers shortly after midnight.

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