Some people winter-weary of icy Lexington streets, power outages

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) Buddy Ayers and his wife have been sleeping through the night in arm chairs in their living room, bundled up as close to their space heater as possible.

They're both in their 70s and Ayer’s wife is recovering from cancer surgery.

Ayers say it's been hard to live without power but they're trying to make it work.

"The worst thing was I took a shower this morning and nearly froze to death," he said.

Nearly 15,000 other people in Bluegrass woke up Thursday to homes without power.

People living on New Orleans Drive and Gainsville Court in Lexington say they went without power for two days because tree branches were sitting on power lines.

The ice and snow also caused headaches on the road Thursday.

Since Sunday the Mattox family has been parking their cars a street away from their house because they can't make it up the icy hill on Wynds Trail.

"It's dangerous and it is inconvenient when you're picking children up. It's been a pretty big hassle," said Robert Mattox.

Rob Allen, the acting deputy director for Streets and Roads, says they didn't pretreat the roads Wednesday evening because they didn't expect Lexington would get much ice or snow.

He says they've received dozens of calls for help from people living on side streets and that's where they're turning their attention next.

"Most neighborhood streets are labeled as resource permitting, if we have the salt and the manpower and if there’s an issue," Allen said.

While Mattox waited for someone to dig him out Thursday afternoon, the Ayer’s neighborhood received some long awaited help from Kentucky Utilities.

As the KU trucks pulled onto their street, a woman shouted from her front door, “KU, we love you!"

A burst of emotion showing just how much it means for the frustrated and winter-weary to finally catch a break.

As of 5 p.m. Thursday, there were still over 1,300 people without power in Kentucky.

KU officials say they're working to have power up by the end of the day for the last 10 homes in Lexington without power.

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