Documentary of 1988 Carrollton bus crash debuts

HARDIN COUNTY (WKYT) - On Wednesday night, a documentary that looks back at a Kentucky tragedy premiered in Hardin County.

"Impact: After the Crash" is about the 1988 Carrollton bus crash that killed 27 people on I-71. It was caused by a drunk driver. Tuesday marked the 25th anniversary of the crash.

It's a documentary that has been three years in the making, outlining the events that unfolded on that infamous day, May 14, 1988.

On Wednesday, more than 800 folks packed into the auditorium, each of them captivated by the film. Each of them were also touched by the emotional accounts given by the survivors of the crash and the families of the 27 victims.

Kelly Owsley attended the film's premiere. She says, "We carry it with us always. We share the story and it has shaped many of our lives in different ways."

The 80 minute film focused on the issues of drunk driving and school bus safety, and how both have progressed as a direct result of that fatal crash.

The film's director says he made the film to remember the lives lost and forever impacted as well as to raise awareness to prevent future drunk driving tragedies.

Jason Epperson is the film's director. Epperson says, "We have told a story that shows respect to the victims and families and ultimately I hope they watch this film and know not to drink and drive if they ever find themselves in that situation."

The majority of the crash survivors attended Wednesday's viewing.

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