Prestonsburg business owners facing child abuse charges

PRESTONSBURG, Ky. (WYMT) - Prestonsburg Police made two arrests a local business on Friday. Now, the business owners face child abuse charges.

Officers say the arrests came after they were notified about the possible abuse of multiple children. Detective Adam Dixon says, "We received a complaint from the school here in town, Prestonsburg Elementary, which they had already contacted social services regarding allegations of possible child abuse."

After receiving the complaint and information, the department began an investigation.

"We felt there was sufficient enough evidence at the time on Friday, so we obtained warrants for criminal charges for criminal abuse in the first degree," says Dixon.

Officers say they then went on to arrest both a man and a woman. "The arrests were made at a business here in town, OP Nails," says Dixon.

The two arrested own the business located in the Prestonsburg Village Shopping Center.

Dixon says, "Anytime it deals with a child being abused it is a very serious matter and it is our obligation to investigate it very thoroughly and to protect the children at all cost."

Officers say the children are safe and were placed in emergency protective custody.

Police say this is both a developing and sensitive case which is why not very much information is being released. Officials are not releasing the names of anyone involved in the case, including those arrested, to protect the children and the investigation.

WYMT received this statement from one of the owners of the nail salon:

"We are deeply troubled by this unfortunate turn of events and greatly saddened by the separation of our family. Restoring our family is of the utmost importance and we have been advised by pending counsel to decline comment until this matter is addressed in a court of law. We welcome a thorough investigation and we are confident that the facts of this case will be revealed and the criminal charges will be resolved."

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