Price of apples on the rise

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VERSAILLES, Ky. (WKYT) - It was first bacon and now it's apples! The latest food to make headlines because of a possible shortage that is causing prices to spike.

One local orchard says despite the situation they are doing their best to stay ahead of the demand. "This is a result of an early warm spring that brought out the blossoms," explains Boyd's Orchard owner Terry Boyd, "that was followed by a March and April cold snap which resulted in most of the crops being killed off. We're lucky that we still have at least 30% of our crops -- a lot of places have nothing."

Multiple other states like New York have been impacted as well. Boyd says the only state that hasn't been affected is Washington State. However, Boyd goes on to explain that regardless if their crop is at 100% there is no way to meet the demand of both the west and east coast. "They'll have to ship apples almost 2,000 miles just to get to the states affected -- that costs a lot of money. If we would have been on normal schedule this year opposite of what everyone thinks we would have been off worse. It would have been a repeat of 2007."

Boyd says the demand is still high and his orchard is doing everything they can to make sure they meet the demand. "The per unit is more for us, we've had to raise our prices to survive this year. Our profit will be less than in normal years even though we have higher prices We're hoping our buying public will understand and stay with us. This isn't going to last forever, we're just trying to survive through the season and hopefully have prices back to normal by next year."

Boyd's Orchard says one of their most popular items is their apple cider. They say even with the shortage they're going to do their best to make sure their supply meets their demand, especially with the holidays right around the corner.

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