Principal talks about Clinton County teacher killed in plane crash

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CLINTON COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - We've learned two men from southern Kentucky were among the three people killed when a small plane crashed in Florida.

Investigators say the plane went down Friday while trying to make an emergency landing due to mechanical problems.

57-year-old Michael Anders and 59-year-old Duane Shaw both of Clinton County were killed along with a person from Indiana.

A small plane on its way to Knoxville, TN from Florida on Friday didn't quite make it.

Mechanical problems while trying to land in a nearby Florida airport caused the plane to crash into a woman's home with three people aboard.

The woman inside the home was checked out at a hospital just as precaution.

But Anders and Shaw of Albany, KY were among the three passengers pronounced dead on the scene.

The pilot, Michael Anders, was also a teacher at Clinton County High School in Kentucky.

"He was a teacher that had high standards for his students. He was a very fun-loving guy. His classroom was a lot of fun," said Sheldon Harlan, the principal at Clinton County High School.

Anders was a teacher there just two and a half years, but the principal says Anders made a huge impact on the faculty and staff and most especially his students.

"He was a Spanish teacher, golf coach, and chess club sponsor. They loved him, and he loved kids," said Principal Harlan.

One day at a time is the only way the principal says Clinton County High School can deal with this loss.

"It's hard to walk down the hallway. He would always shake his head and say, 'Life is great.' That's just the way he was," said Principal Harlan. "If Mr. Anders wasn't happy doing something, he wasn't going to stay there very long. Life was too short to him. He loved life, and that's the way he taught."

Clinton County High School opened its doors today to faculty, staff, and students who are grieving. They also have counselors available to help deal with the loss.

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