Proposed Pit Bull ban for Flemingsburg tabled for now

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FLEMINGSBURG, Ky. (WKYT) - On Monday night, the Flemingsburg City Council decided to table a proposed ban on pit bulls in the city.

Mayor Martin Voiers said the council wanted more time to study the proposed ban.

"I think it's a joke. Like the shirt says punish the deed not the breed.There are several other dogs that bite," says one Fleming County Pit Bull owner of the proposed ban.

"I think it's a good idea. We ought to ban Pit Bulls from the city, county, wherever," says Bill Hinken, a Fleming County resident.

Mixed reviews for the fate of Pit Bulls in Flemingsburg. But, Mayor Martin Voiers says the safety board recommended the ban after receiving complaints about the breed.

"I do not know how many attacks we have had. The ones that came to the safety committee, there were a small number of attacks that they discussed at that particular meeting. There may have been more," says Flemingsburg Mayor, Martin Voiers.

A Pitt Bull owner who WKYT caught up believes it's unfair for the city to punish every Pit Bull because of a few instances, "They should deal with each case individually. If somebody's got a German Shepard and it attacks somebody...are they going to ban it?"

Bill Hinken is also dog lover, but he is on board for eliminating the possibility of a Pit Bull attack, "I have a five-year-old little girl and I don't want her to get bit by a Pit Bull or maimed by a Pit Bull.

"Even though any dog could be dangerous at times, I'm sure. But, the strongest evidence that we have is that Pit Bulls are the most likely to attack unprovoked. That's the ones we are trying to address with this ordinance."

If the Pit Bull ban is approved, it will go into effect within the next thirty days. Pending approval, Pit Bull owners can face up to a $250 violation.

Under the proposed ordinance, the ban would only apply within Flemingsburg city limits. It would not apply for Pitt Bulls living outside in Fleming County.

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