Proposed pipeline stirs concerns in Anderson, Woodford, Franklin Counties

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WOODFORD COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Along the Kentucky River in Woodford County it's quiet, just the way Brad Slutskin likes it.

"I love my community," he boasted, which is why he and others are worried over a proposed pipeline that will run through the area.

The Williams Company's is proposing the Bluegrass Pipeline project which would carry natural gas liquid through Anderson, Woodford, and Franklin Counties.

"It's not that we're on edge, we're completely and vehemently opposed to this pipeline coming through," stated Slutskin.

Even more concerning for some is that the proposal could potentially take the pipeline under the Kentucky River, which Slutskin fears would pose a risk to the water.

Corlia Logsdon shares the same concern, because she and her neighbors could very well end up just a short distance from the line.

"It's coming within 200 feet of my front door, possibly," Logsdon answered.

Even more, she expressed her concern over the safety of having a line like this come so close to her home. Logsdon and others have been researching the issue and have their worries, especially after a recent natural gas plant explosion in Louisiana owned by the same company.

Tuesday night she and others got to ask questions of the company at a meeting.

"There's not much defense in place for it. Even the company that's building this has on their website that their emergency plan is that you should leave the area on foot, you shouldn't start your car," explained Logsdon.

"One of the company representatives told us, this stuff is absolutely safe as long as it stays in the pipe," added Slutskin.

Slutskin expressed even more concern when he said the Woodford County Fire Chief was asked if his department could handle a "worse-case scenario," he answered that his men would likely be overwhelmed and unable to make it to the area where the pipeline would be.

WKYT attempted to contact the Williams Company, but they did not respond. However, in a June press release they said they hope to have the line in service by 2015, adding that completion is still subject to approvals
and elections.

That's where Slutskin, Logsdon, and others opposed to the pipeline hope to make a difference. On a website expressing their concerns, they urge others to call the Governor's office in an effort to get some legislation in motion to add regulatory measures.

"My concern is we have nothing to gain. There's no promise of jobs, there's no promise of a bump to the economy," Slutskin stated.

While there is still a lot in motion, one thing is clear, not everyone is ready to welcome this project. There will be another meeting with the Woodford County Fiscal Court. It's set for Tuesday, July 23rd, at the County Courthouse.

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