Prosecution wraps up case in Marty Roe murder trial

The prosecution wrapped up its case Tuesday afternoon against a man accused of killing a Lexington doctor.

Prosecutors say Marty Roe was obsessed with Dr. Martha Post, and shot the dermatologist to death after she fired him for inappropriate behavior.

The commonwealth called their final witnesses Tuesday afternoon, resting their case in the murder trial of Marty Roe. Today, those witnesses testified about DNA and fingerprint evidence, ballistics, and Dr. Post's autopsy.

Investigators said they recovered three shell casings from inside the van where they found Dr. Martha Post's body. Today, a ballistics examiner discussed those shell casings and the handgun investigator say they found inside the engine compartment of Marty Roe's van.

"They were discharged from this firearm," said Lawrence Pilcher, Kentucky State Police.

DNA and fingerprint analysts also went into detail about that .380 caliber pistol.

"The DNA profile I received from the gun, once I compared the standards from Marty Roe and Martha Post to that, the results that I got. I was able to say that the male DNA profile matches him with a frequency of one person in every 770 trillion," says Alison Tunstill, Forensic Examiner with Kentucky State Police.

The fingerprints analyst said he found nothing of value on the gun or its magazine, but he wasn't necessarily surprised by that.

"That heat and that high humidity in there would be a very detrimental factor to obtaining latent prints," said Fred Crane, of Kentucky State Police.

The defense took over Tuesday afternoon, they'll call their witnesses to present their side. Since the beginning, they've suggested that Dr. Post's husband would have had more to gain from her death than Roe would.

The judge expects the jury to get the case by early Wednesday afternoon.

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