Protesters gather to support President Obama

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Anti-war protestors are saying no to a US military strike in Syria.

At least 150 people picketed the sidewalk in front of the White House today and marched to Capitol Hill, chanting slogans and carrying signs that said a war on Syria would be 'build on a lie.'

Congress is preparing to debate and vote on the issue.

Here in Lexington dozens of community members gathered in downtown at Triangle Park in support of Obama and a military strike against Syria.

Najah Allouch is a Syrian-American with a family in Syria and she says something needs to be done.

Allouch says, "Even if it wasn't just for family, it's for humanity. How can people be going though all this suffering and nothing is to be done? The whole world has just turned a blind eye."

President Obama has called on Congress to approve the use of military force in the wake of a deadly chemical weapons attack his administration blames on the Syrian government. The first votes on the measure could come Wednesday.