Pulaski County Sheriff's deputy charged in domestic violence incident

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PULASKI COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - A Pulaski County Sheriff's deputy has been charged for what investigators call a domestic violence incident.

Investigators say Deputy Charles Boston faces a 4th degree assault charge. He received a criminal summons Tuesday. Investigators say Boston got into an argument with his girlfriend, which led to her being injured.

"It's something that's hard to deal with, but it must be dealt with," Lt. Brett Whitaker told WKYT, "domestic violence cases are something we take very serious in our line of work, we deal with everyday among the public. Certainly, when it happens to one of our own, it hits home."

Whitaker says the incident happened back in March. Boston's girlfriend, Regina Gravell, filed the complaint. An investigation showed the two got into a verbal argument, Boston tried to leave and Gravell jumped on the back of his car to keep him from driving off. After Gravell wouldn't get off, officials say Boston grabbed her, but he slipped on ice and both of them hit the ground. Gravell claimed to have had injuries to her face, chest and neck.

Boston is on administrative and desk duties while the case against him plays out.

Whitaker says, "We are not saying one side is right and one side is wrong. There's two sides to every story that we come across. We want to make sure that all the facts that we could uncover were included in this investigation."

Boston has been with the department for nine years. If the courts rule in Boston's favor, he will go back to work. If not, the sheriff will decide his fate.

"Anytime that you deal with personnel issues. It's a hard thing to deal with. But he's a strong individual and he'll come through fine," said Whitaker.

Boston will be arraigned near the end of the month.

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