Pulaski Co. Sheriff's Office issues alert about phone scam

PULASKI COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - The Pulaski County Sheriff's Office issued a scam alert on Monday. The sheriff's office says it received a call from a someone about a possible phone scam. The caller reported that an elderly woman received the call over the weekend. The caller I.D. showed that the call was coming from her own phone. We're told the victim hung up on the caller before any conversation took place.

The sheriff's office says detectives did some research and found similar incidents documented on the Better Business Bureau's website. An automated call machine, known as a robo call, spoofs the caller I.D. to show up as a number the victims would recognize and trust. The caller then requests personal information, including credit card numbers.

The sheriff's office wants people to know the technology exists. They're asking people to ignore the call or hang up if they get a call from their own number.

"Scammers are constantly finding new and sneaky ways to prey on unsuspecting victims" says. Lt. Brett Whitaker. "Never give out your personal information, bank or credit card information over the phone unless you have initiated that call and have verified who you are speaking with"

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