Pulaski Co. road department nearly depleted of salt

SOMERSET, Ky. (WKYT) - Dennis Turner has worked 25 years for the Pulaski County Road Department. He’s seen a lot of bad winters.

“It’s been the worst year in several years,” he said Friday from the county garage.

After last week’s weather, nearly all their rock salt is gone.
“We’ve had a hard time for the last week,” he said.

They called Louisville for more.

“They told me didn’t know when we would get any.”

Morton salt would only part with 100 ton. Hardly enough for the county’s 1800 miles of road. They turned to the internet and found some in New Mexico.

“Only place we could find it I guess.”

Kemper Lane near Eubank is one county road that will benefit from the salt. A resident there says there’s a lot of elderly who live on the roadway. There’s a lot without 4-wheel drive vehicles. You can imagine how important rock salt is on a major snow event.

The New Mexico salt will cost double what the Louisville substance runs.

“It will be a hardship but it’s in the budget to take care of it,” Turner said.

Good news for what could come next week or sometime next month.

“Just have to work them as they come. Don’t know how to work them until they get there,” he said.

When the snow does arrive, they believe they have the key weapon to fight it

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