A year later investigators charge Pulaski Co. man for assaulting wife

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PULASKI COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Christopher Smith sounded in a state of panic as he spoke with a Pulaski County 911 operator, just moments after he reportedly found his wife, Tammy Mullins, unresponsive in their bedroom in August of 2012.

"Yes ma'am, I just got home from work and my wife is unresponsive. I don't know, she's fallen but she's not doing very well at all," Smith is heard saying on a 911 recording.

After answering a few questions for the operator, he's asked the first question about his wife.

"Is she breathing?" asked the operator. Smith responded, "She's breathing, but she's not doing well."

Smith said he just returned home from work, and he hadn't seen his wife since he left that morning.

The conversation continued as Smith was heard say his wife had a head injury.

"Is she bleeding anywhere?" questioned the operator.

"No, but she's got bruises on the left side of her face and two on the right. Her hand is swollen," responded the 44-year-old husband.

"Her hand?" asked the operator.

Smith said, "Her right hand is swollen, like the back of it, I think it's where she was laying on it."

That's his story, but since that call an investigation was started into Smith and his wife's injuries. Investigators said it didn't add up.

"Medical personnel treated her injuries (and) they reported back to us that they found injuries that appeared to be abusive in nature," stated Lt. Brett Whitaker of the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office. "We found that there was a history of domestic violence between her and her husband."

Lt. Whitaker said Mullins had injuries from "head-to-toe" and "obvious wounds to her head." The injuries were so severe that Lt. Whitaker said Mullins' memory was affected.

"We found during the course of that investigation that he was the cause of those injuries to her," said Lt. Whitaker.

So why did it take more than a year before Smith was even arrested or charged?

Whitaker said it took that much time just to put the pieces together.

"Our investigators spent a lot of time on this case to make sure that the facts we were uncovering were correct and accurate, and that included working with her to try to get information from her as her memory improved."

Now Smith is indicted for assault, meanwhile his wife continues to recover as she is staying with family at an undisclosed location.

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