Pulaski crash survivor believes miracle kept her alive

SCIENCE HILL, Ky. (WKYT) - You can imagine the surprise in seeing a car wedged between trees, hanging over cliff.

“I need to report an accident a trapped victim,” the caller is heard in the 911 dispatch call from Tuesday morning on a steep, curvy section of Bethlehem Ridge Road.

The trapped victim was Patricia Adams.

“I was terrified. I thought I was going to go over the bluff,” she said.

She was on her way to work at Wal-Mart when police believe a patch of black ice took her Mustang off the road and nearly over a 50 foot cliff.

“I just feel like there’s a reason for me living. He gave me a chance,” she said.

She believes divine intervention, a tree, and skilled first responders all played key roles in keeping her accident from becoming a tragedy.

“I just felt God put his arms around me,” Adams said.

Adams says she felt like the car was going to plunge down the cliff any second. But despite that she felt a strong sense of peace.

“I think the reason was to get me back in church,” she said.

Her beloved UK blue and white mustang is totaled.

“I’ll miss the car. But I can replace the car,” she said.

She wants to thank the man who called 911, and on Wednesday, WKYT was there as she thanked the fire chief behind the rescue operation.

“Everything worked out for the best,” Science Hill Chief Josh Whitis told her.

Now she has a story she can’t wait to tell others.

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