Pulaski decision to have school not popular with some parents

SOMERSET, Ky. (WKYT) – There was not much snow in Somerset Monday morning, but in the northern part of the county it was a much different picture.

Ky. 328 near Eubank was ice and snow covered Monday morning. One school bus had a tough time trying to get up.

“He couldn’t get up one side. Started spinning. He stopped and backed up and back down the hill,” Patrick Richardson with the Pulaski County Board of Education said of a driver Monday morning.

State highway crews helped him get going again and nearby on Goochtown Road another bus had trouble. School officials say no children were in harm’s way.

Parent Shannon Vaught still questions the decision to have school, and she kept her kids home because of the slick shape of Vaught Ridge Road in Science Hill.

“I think they could have gone on a two hour delay. But they didn’t. No school bus came by to pick my kid up,” said Vaught.

Richardson says they made the call to have school at 5:45 a.m., before the snow caused any problems.

“No, we really hadn’t seen a lot of snow. Maybe a few flurries. Started getting reports at 6:15 the roads were getting bad in the north,” Richardson said.

By then, he says, it would have been more dangerous to turn buses around and take kids back home.

School officials say those who could not get to school today because of the weather will have an excused absence.

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