Pulaski family fears the worst about missing man

SOMERSET, Ky. (WKYT) - John Beach and his brother Robert had been driving on Elihu Cabin Hollow Road when they ran out of gas and went looking for help. Robert found it but John has not been seen since.

“He’d get paranoid..and run away from his brother,” said John Beach’s siser, Margaret Polly.

She and other relatives spent most of Monday walking through the rural hillsides just off cabin hollow road….looking for any sign of her brother, John.

“He would have called us. We are so close of a family. He would have gotten in touch with us one way or another,” Polly said.

The 34 year old Beach was released from prison just two weeks ago. He and his brother needed help Thursday night but while Robert was using the phone at a neighbor’s house, John disappeared.

“I don’t know what he was thinking. He was probably thinking he broke his parole or something,” Polly said.

They found his shirt alongside the road but since Thursday have had no other sign of him.

“His mind is not right, he just knows the prison life, he didn’t know life out here, no more,” Polly said.

The Pulaski County Sheriff says John Beach is now listed as a missing person but beyond that they’re not sure what happened.

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