Pulaski man fights off intruder armed with BB gun

NANCY, Ky. (WKYT) - Just after 6 a.m. Friday, and Shaun Lige and his girlfriend say they were getting ready for work.

They opened their door to let a dog out and that’s when a man appeared, who was armed with a gun.

“He come up first thing he says was ‘police.!’” Lige says of the intruder.

But his face was covered…and they knew this was no officer at the door.

“And barged in and started firing the BB gun…and I still got the BB in my neck,” said Lige, pointing to the indention on this throat.

They say he kept asking for all their money. And Lige believes the man meant to tie them up.

“Came with zip ties…had three zip ties tied into one,” Lige said.

Lige says he and girlfriend decided to fight back.

“We start to tustle..this is a big guy…he gets outside…and that’s when we go for our gun,” said Lige.

The man ran out. Lige gave chase.

“He tried to get away..I pumped off a few rounds at him,” Lige said.

They say he wasn’t hit…but they were able to tackle him.

“We beat him down with a stick. I didn’t want to kill the guy,” he said.

A neighbor ran out to help.

“Like I say, this is a big guy, it’s raining, I’m out in my boxers. And I was telling him…’you making me miss work for this!’” he said.

Police showed up and he was arrested…and that’s when they realized..they knew the guy.

“And then he said his name….and I said ‘wow…we haven’t seen you in two…two and a half years..and when we do see you…you try to break into our house and steal everything we got.?’”

Lige was taken to the hospital ER where the doctors told him they couldn’t remove he BB…it will come out on its own. He said he was actually shot three or four times, in the chest and side.

Police have identified the suspect as Anthony L. Alcorn, 34, of Crab Orchard. He’s charged with robbery, burglary, assault and impersonating a police officer. Police are also looking for a small tan passenger car, possibly a Toyota, that was with another subject at the scene.

If you have any information, call the Pulaski County Sheriff’s office at 606-678-5145.

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