Pulaski man says God saved him and wife during attack

SOMERSET, Ky. (WKYT) - Paul Scott Young is accused of bursting into Ed and Laura Phelps’ bedroom last Wednesday, with the intent of killing both, after allegedly plotting the attack with Phelps son the night before.

“By the Grace of God I was able to defend us, hold him, until police arrived,” said Ed Phelps.

Phelps says the fact he and his wife survived is solely a miracle.

“It was absolutely. God woke me up, to use the restroom and this event unfolded,” he said.

Police testified that Young went after Laura Phelps first then her husband as he exited the bathroom. He was cut 10 or 11 times and even suffered a fractured skull.

“Physically I am doing very well. By the grace of God. He’s been taking care of me," said Phelps.

Police say they’re still trying to nail down a motive but Det. Scott Trotter testified in a preliminary hearing Wednesday that Young wasn’t allowed at the Phelps home after he once went there with a stolen motorcycle. Young’s attorney says he can’t talk about specifics but admits the allegations are troubling.

“The portrayal of Paul... that he has been some kind of monster. I can tell you that is not accurate,” said attorney Joe Venters.

Police say Phelps' 17 year old son simply asked Young to kill his parents and he agreed. Officials aren’t talking about the juvenile case.

Phelps says physically he’s going to be OK, but emotionally he and his wife may have a longer road to recovery.

“But I believe God will bring us through this. He didn’t save our lives to drop us off now,” he said.

After the testimony the judge agreed there is probable cause and sent the case to a grand jury for possible indictment.

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