Parents question how 11-year-old made it to class with loaded gun

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PULASKI COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Tuesday morning an 11-year-old elementary school student will have to appear before a juvenile court after he reported to a teacher that he mistakenly brought a gun to school Monday.

"Within a matter of minutes, the child realized what he had in his pocket and told his teacher," said Keith Patrick Principle at Southern Elementary in Somerset.

Patrick said the boy claimed he forgot he had the loaded pistol in his cargo pants pocket.

"None of the staff knew and neither did any of the students. It was never seen or out in the open at anytime," explained the Principle.

The student was removed from the school, his father was contacted, and the day went on, but when parents learned what happened some were not happy.

"A lot of them are very upset they're more upset that they didn't get a phone call, they only got a letter after the fact," said Belinda Ford, who said many of her friends who have elementary students expressed their displeasure on social media sites.

The school said they sent the letter home with every student in an effort to keep parents informed, but they did not make any calls since the gun was removed instantly. Still, some parents are surprised the 11-year-old even had a gun, at all.

"How does a child get a loaded gun?" questioned Ford, who has a student at the neighboring middle school. "Are they going to do something to the parent?"

Ford says she's glad the child reported the gun quickly, but she's says it's still an uneasy feeling knowing the student made it all the way to class with the loaded weapon.

"It's not something that happens everyday."

While the news is alarming, the Pulaski County Assistant Superintendent told WKYT that the student did not pose a significant threat and was not disgruntled with any students or teachers.

Pulaski County Sheriff Tom Wood tells us that the child has been charged and is in a juvenile detention center. The investigation is ongoing, and additional charges may be brought.

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