Pulaski teen appears in court on charges he tried to kill his friend's parents

SOMERSET, Ky. (WKYT) - In shackles and chains the 18 year old went before a Pulaski District Court Judge, pleading not guilty to 2 counts of attempted murder.

“It is a shocking case for our community, and I can’t imagine how the family feels at this time,” said Assistant County Attorney Jessica Crockett after the arraignment Friday morning.

Court records show that Young told Police he went into Edwin and Laura Phelps bedroom early Wednesday morning to stab them to death.

The police citation says “Paul Young gave a statement that on 1-16-13 he entered the bedroom of Edwin and Laura Phelps…..with the intent on killing them with a knife.”

Yet Edwin was awake and despite being stabbed multiple times, police say he was able to fight off Young until they arrived. Police say Young and Phelps’ 17 year old son came up with the plan,. yet police say they do not know the motive. Police believe the 17 year old let Young in their home sometime the night before.

Friday morning in court Young’s attorney tried unsuccessfully to lower his $250,000 bond to $25,000.

“At this point we are not willing to let him out in public regardless of whether there is a bond posted in that nature,” said Crockett.

Young turned 18 on September 22nd. Court records show that 4 days later he and a 17 year old girl broke into two trailers on Patterson Branch Rd. Its owner says he ransacked one of them. Just 4 months later he’s in jail again

“It is shocking to see such a young person at the brink of their adult life to attempt to commit such a crime,’ said Crockett.

Young's next court date is set for Wednesday. Police are expected to lay out charges against him, and the judge will decide if there is enough evidence to send it to a grand jury for possible indictment.

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