Pups left to die in garbage dumpster

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MIDWAY, Ky. (WKYT) - Six puppies were left to die, maybe just hours old, in a dumpster. Now investigators are looking for who's responsible for leaving them behind.

A resident of the Midway Lofts heard the pups whimpering, and investigated. He found six new-born puppies, three alive, three dead, tied up in a garbage bag.

Sarah Tate, also a resident at the lofts, took the survivors in, only to find out some heartbreaking news this morning at the vets office.

"One of them, the cleft had actually come through to the lip, you could see it had a split in it's lip. But the other two looked normal. It wasn't until I took them to the vet today, and she looked at them, and saw that all three of them had holes in the roof of their mouths," said Tate.

Because of that, she said the survivors will have to be put down. Even with the grim news, Tate found a silver lining.

"It's comforting to know that I was able to keep them comfortable last night, that they're going to have a humane death," Tate said.

A Versailles Police spokesperson said whoever is responsible for doing this will face an animal cruelty charge.

Anybody with information can contact the Woodford County Animal Control Office at 859-879-0598, or Versailles Police at 859-873-3126.

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