Purse snatching incidents call for holiday shopping safety tips

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GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WKYT) - It's that time of year again for holiday shopping!

But as it gets darker earlier and earlier, police want to remind everyone to be extra cautious.

And after two purse thefts in the area within 24 hours, police are pushing safety tips for holiday shoppers more than ever.

One of those purse snatches happened in Georgetown at Kmart last night. Another similar incident happened at Walmart in Laurel County.

A woman's purse was stolen in the Kmart parking lot in Georgetown after police say she was approached by a man who appeared to have a weapon.

So what can you do to avoid the same thing happening to you? WKYT's Officer Don Evans says it starts with being aware.

"Look around before you get out of your car. If something looks out of place or somebody raises the hair on the back of your neck and they're just creeping you out, then get away from them," said Officer Don.

If parking in a well lit area just is not an option, Officer Don says the next best thing is parking near others.

"Don't be afraid to drive around and find the better place. And remember this: if you're going to go into the best and it's daylight and you're coming back and it's going to be dark, plan for that too," said Officer Don.

He says there is usually an increase of incidents like the one at Kmart around the holidays simply because more people are out.

This time of year police in Georgetown tell us they always beef up patrol in shopping areas to try to avoid incidents like the one last night.

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