Purse theft victim relieved after arrests

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MANCHESTER, Ky. (WKYT) - Times were already tough for Krissie Reffner. Her husband Bobby was recovering from surgery at Baptist Health Hospital in Lexington, and she had spent the entire night before at his side.

"I hadn't had any sleep so my mother-in-law said 'Come on, you need to get out of this room for awhile, let's go and get some breakfast.' And when we decided it was time to go back to his room and check on him, I just walked off and left my purse," recalled Reffner.

The purse was found by an employee who started to return it until two women convinced him they knew the owner and would return it. Reffner says that was a lie.

"The hospital security (was) just amazing. They stepped right in and they were calming me down and explained to me that we have the thief on tape. We are going to catch them," said Reffner

That was earlier this month. On Monday, the police finally caught up with the alleged deceitful duo Susan Williams and Sandra Pursifull.

"These two women needed to be caught," said the victim.

The suspects were found. Reffner's purse was not. Police say the pair used Reffner's credit card for gas and cigarettes before the victim could put a freeze on the account. But nothing compared to the heartbreak the victim's felt next.

"I lost his wedding band when my purse was stolen," answered Reffner.

While the Clay county couple accepted the loss, they were surprised to learn the ring was already sold and melted down. Bad news for the couple who will celebrate their three year anniversary this summer.

"Yeah, especially when he comes out of surgery and the first thing he asked for was his wedding band and it was gone!" described Reffner.

Now, they'll have to do get a new wedding band, for Bobby.

"You just want your ring back, didn't you honey?" asked Krissie Reffner.

"Yeah, we'll just have to go again," responded Bobby Reffner, with a reassuring smile.

Still, at least they have the peace of mind that the suspects who stole from them have been stopped.

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