Push for tougher DUI laws in Frankfort

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) -- An emotional day in the State Capitol as a mother made a plea for tougher DUI laws.

Stephanie Wardrip lost her young son in a DUI crash in 2004, today she spoke out to make sure no other family has to go through what she has.

In the capitol's 107 years, it's unlikely that the Fathers of the Commonwealth who stand guard have ever heard any words more heart breaking than these...

"The last thought I have of Branson it was the day of the funeral, he and I were alone in the room together and for the last time I kissed his face I covered him with his favorite blanket and I put his teddy bear under his arms to keep him safe," said Stephanie Wardrip, the mother of a DUI crash victim.

Everytime she talks about her son Branson, and how he died in that 2004 DUI crash it is reliving the day all over again.

"Not because of a choice he made that day, but a choice Joseph Shreve made that day," said Wardrip.

Bearing her soul, hoping the echos in the rotunda find lawmakers capable of strengthening the DUI laws.

"I do understand people can make a mistake once I don't understand how something of that magnitude can continue to repeat," said representative Mike Harmon, who supports House Bill 32.

For Stephanie Wardrip, the story of Branson is now older than he was when he left her, but it's reliving that pain that she hopes doesn't fall upon deaf ears.

Representative Mike Harmon says one aspect of House Bill 32, would require a repeat offender to give up their vehicle.... if caught driving drunk on a suspended license.

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