Group pushes for ponchos after missed DC visit with McConnell

MOREHEAD, Ky. (WKYT) - It was a rainy day in Washington, DC when a group of 5th graders from Morehead didn't get to meet Senator Mitch McConnell.

Now, there's a Facebook page called 'Ponchos for Mitch' claiming he stood them up because of rain. The students were visiting the nation's capital this week when they got a last-minute opportunity to meet the senator.

A Facebook push by a Morehead parent says McConnell canceled because of rain.

We asked the senator's office about the reason for the cancellation. McConnell's office said they were contacted late on Wednesday night and their office quickly worked to schedule a meeting with them. But unfortunately, due to the weather and the government shutdown, McConnell's plans had to be changed as they have been since the shutdown began. His office apologized for the cancellation.

Genny Jenkins was a teacher on the trip. She would not comment on why McConnell canceled. She said that the students were disappointed. She says they did meet with Congressman Hal Rogers that same day.

The Facebook page, 'Ponchos for Mitch' is encouraging people to send the senator ponchos to show their disapproval for the cancellation.

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