Rain, Ice cause power outages throughout the Bluegrass Wednesday

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Rain and ice swept through the Bluegrass Tuesday night and Wednesday morning leaving several thousand throughout the State without power.

In Lexington alone, over 8,00 people were reporting power outages as of Midnight. Over 1,500 of those were in the Squires Road/Richmond Road areas.

"We have underground utilities, we know they come out of the ground somewhere and apparently something bad usually happens to them here," said Mark Boggs, a victim of the outage.

Crews spent most of the night and early morning working to restore power to those who have lost it. A spokesperson for KU said tree limbs on power lines and downed trees are to blame for the blackouts.

Of course, no electricity means no heat for many customers.

"My heat is out, but it's not gotten too cold in there, yet. I've got gas logs, but we won't get to that point, I hope," added Boggs, "hopefully they'll get it straightened out before too long, if something else doesn't happen."

As of noon Wednesday, Kentucky Utilities still had nearly 1,300 customers without power in Lexington. They had a handful of outages in other communities.

Blue Grass Energy had 92 outages with nearly 2,000 customers affected.

Inter County Energy had more than 5,000 customers without power, most of them in Lincoln & Garrard Counties.

Standing water is also becoming a concerns on the roadways. Although many of the main roads have not frozen over yet, water is creating large puddles at the sides of the road and causing issues both on the Interstate and on city roads.

You can track the latest outages on the maps below:

Kentucky Utilities: http://bit.ly/1dptnPu
Clark Energy: http://bit.ly/1eSdWAz
Bluegrass Energy: http://bit.ly/1n9nQSO

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